Finding A Way Out The Struggle To Gain Success In Life


Mike Kyles

Hi I am Mike Kyles,

This blog is like my personal diary where I will let it all out from success stories to failures, personal opinions, tips and tricks, plus so much more.

I too was that guy collecting carts in the snow and few years later became part of the Corporate Staff for the same company.

I too was the kid that grew up poor living in the housing projects but proud to say last year bought my first home.

I too also did not scratch the lucky ticket and at times felt super stressed out financially (Yup, banks collecting tons of negative balance fees). But now I am blessed to say that is not me. And you know what, that do not have to be you!

Growing up poor to working as part of the Corporate Staff gave me the advantage of actually seeing all the mistakes my fellow community is making. These mistakes as well as tips will not only inspire you but will change your way of thinking and hopefully change you to become a better you!

I’m human so I love to communicate and PLEASE feel free to contact me, follow me on twitter or Facebook, or subscribe to our website so we can chat.


Your time spent here was highly appreciated and I hope you return soon,

-Mike Kyles

  • Inspiring You To Gain Success

    Greetings, I am Mike Kyles and this blog is about gaining success in my Point-of-View. In life I've beat many odds and I want to share what I've learned with you.
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